Woks Q&A

Without any chemical coating, there is no need to worry about peeling, paint problems.
Does need to take care the wok? Generally want consumers to raise the wok because manufacturers at the end of the manufacturing process in three to four kinds of different industrial oil and polishes material, work in a factory only to wipe clean finished pot surface, remain a lot of industrial oil and polishing materials, boil even after cleaning, also can't wash thoroughly, general manufacturers want consumers to keep the pot, is actually to consumers themselves disinfection work.
Yes! And it is healthy and permanently physical. Not by chemical coating.  Instructions: cold pot + cold oil → heating time 90 seconds
There is no teflon or any chemical coating added to the pot. The non-stick effect of the pot comes from the fact that the pot body and cooking oil reach the same temperature, that is, the physical non-stick effect. There are four reasons why it sticks:
1. Insufficient heating time.
2. If the food is turned too early, it will stick to food surface is not yet cooked
3.The pan is not clean.
4. Instructions: cold pot + cold oil → heating time 90 seconds
1.The cooking oil and sauce attached to the wok will change the color of the original.
2. If the heating temperature too high, the wok will turn yellow.
Put a bowl of water into the wok, reheat to a boil and remove from the heat. Wash with a steel brush or vegetable towel and a little detergent. If still hard to clean, please use Buffalo stainless steel cleaner to clean it.
Discoloration is from the color of oil after heating.  A lot of people cook with olive oil, which has a low smoking point thus burns and stains the cookware easily; furthermore, when over-heated, all cooking oil becomes sticky and stains.  Actually, this discoloration can be removed by dish detergent if washed while still warm.  If discoloration occurs, check your cooking temperature.  The superb heat conduction of Buffalo cookware allows cooking with very little oil and heat, significantly reduces smoke and saves energy, and last but not least only requires a small amount of heat for cooking.
Our exclusively polished, wear-resistant surface is made to withstand everyday wear and tear.  The rainbow-like discoloration and white residue resulting from
occasionally boiling of water, oil-free or low oil cooking, or build-up of mineral particles in food are normal and do not impede cooking performance.  
They disappear upon coming in contact with cooking oil, or can be cleaned by the Buffalo cleaning powder to stay sparkling new.
Please promptly turn off the stove if food starts to stick, wait for the wok to cool down, at which point you should be able to flip the food over with ease, and then resume cooking.
This is because the food being cooked contains water. Just make sure all the ingredients are dried.