About Buffalo

A pioneer since 1957

Buffalo was the first company in Taiwan to specialize in high-end stainless steel cookware. Over 60 years later, the brand remains synonymous with premium quality throughout Asia. As a new entry in the US market, word is quickly spreading about Buffalo’s exceptional craftsmanship. The company’s product lines today include multilayer stainless steel cookware, kitchenware, and kitchen appliances, including our famous Buffalo Smart Cooker—Asia’s bestselling induction heating (IH) rice cooker, and the only rice cooker with a multilayer stainless steel inner pot. 

What’s in a name?

The name Buffalo came into being because our company founder, Mr. Hsiao Tsai Sheng, believed that the skin of a buffalo is the most durable material, just like stainless steel. Furthermore, even in the difficult economy back then, our founder, like an unyielding buffalo, still advocated for healthy cookware designed to last a lifetime, even if consumers might not be ready for it immediately. From year one, the Buffalo family has been proud to adopt the characteristics of the buffalo by being dependable, durable, and dedicated. Looking to the future, Buffalo today designs cutting-edge stainless steel products for families and restauranteurs all over the world. 

The importance of health

At Buffalo, we strongly believe that you cannot put a price tag on the health of our consumers. We draw from ideas and concepts rooted in Eastern philosophy and create products based on the principles of healthy living and attention to detail. Unlike nonstick products created using toxic chemicals and coatings that eventually peel or scratch off, we believe our patented multilayer stainless steel—with its inherent nonstick properties and proven durability—is the safest and healthiest cooking material. 

A history of firsts

Just a few examples of our commitment to research & development, innovation, and performance:

1961 – Buffalo introduces the best stainless steel pressure cooker in Asia, followed by the first traditional wok made of stainless steel.
1980 – The company’s first multilayer stainless steel cookware is produced.
1982 – Buffalo creates the first space-age composite metal cookware products. It also becomes the first foreign company in Japan to receive the IH, CH, and SG certification.
2001 – Buffalo Clad™ is introduced, revolutionizing cookware with a new concept of healthy and more efficient cooking.
2015 – The company establishes its global headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, enabling its growth and expansion into new markets.