Pots Q&A

1. They can be used for water-free, low-oil, and low-temperature cooking to preserve the original taste and nutrition of food.
2. Technologically advanced alloy, which allows heat to transfer evenly and quickly, saving energy.
3. Healthy and durable material that is resistant to acid and alkali. Use it with peace of mind.
4. Stable material that doesn’t fume easily and is not easy to burn.
5. Easy to clean with a scrub sponge or stainless-steel scrubber.

In contrast, conventional pots typically don’t retain heat well, letting flavors evaporate with the steam. In addition, food burns easily without adequate liquid, let alone the possibility of cooking without fluids. How does Buffalo achieve waterless cooking? Our water seal groove design creates a thin film of water between the pot and the lid and seals the pot with a vacuum effect.

As a result, the nutrients in the food will not escape along with the water vapor, and all the rich flavors will stay inside the pot. Our pots conduct and retain heat so well that they create a 360-degree convection cooking process, locking in original flavors and nutrients while preserving the vitamins in the food. Enjoy your deliciously home-cooked meals while saving on energy bills.
Buffalo pots are made from Buffalo Clad multilayer stainless steel, which spreads heat evenly, so water will not evaporate as fast. All Buffalo Clad cookware has five unique features:
1. Not much care is needed, and it’s nonstick forever.
2. Easy to wash.
3. Energy saving.
4. Involves less oil and smoke, making food healthier.
5. Original taste and nutrition are preserved.
If you cannot remove the lid, please reheat the pot and slowly rotate the lid. As to what causes this phenomenon, it is simply the expansion and contraction of air. Since our water seal groove design seals the pot during cooking, when the air cools down and contracts, the seal is further tightened. Thus, reheating the pot will expand the air and help break the seal.
The air ventilation can be adjusted. When boiling a large amount of soup, please turn the regulator completely "ON" to discharge the steam and keep the water in the pot from overflowing. When cooking a small amount of food, the regulator only needs to open 1/3 of the ventilation holes to ensure that the moisture of the food is retained, and there is no risk of burning the pan. The regulator can be removed and cleaned at any time. Turn the regulator groove with copper counterclockwise to loosen it.