IH Smart Cooker Q&A

First and foremost, it uses cutting-edge Japanese induction heating (IH) technology to heat over 50% of the area of the IH Smart Cooker’s top conduction steel, which preserves and releases the freshest flavors with one simple press of the button. Plus, our Buffalo Clad multilayer stainless steel inner pot withstands the toughest acids and alkali, as well as decades of wear and tear with no scratches. Feel like a Michelin-starred chef with the smart panel’s extensive options and the precise Micom temperature control. A steaming rack, rice paddle, and ladle are also included.
Induction heating (IH) uses electromagnetic waves that create an electronic high-speed vibration in the pot and rapidly generate heat within the pot that is uniformly distributed to cover over 50% of the area. In contrast, a traditional electric rice cooker is heated by an electric plate at the bottom, and the heat is then transferred to the inner pot. Because the heat must pass from one object to another, it is slower and less uniform than IH rice cookers.
Our exclusively polished, wear-resistant inner pot is made to withstand everyday wear and tear. Rainbow-like discoloration and white residue can result from occasionally boiling water, oil-free or low-oil cooking, or the build-up of mineral particles in food. This is completely normal and does not impede cooking performance or harm your health. Discoloration and residue will disappear upon coming in contact with cooking oil, or it can be removed with our Buffalo cleaning powder, which keeps our products looking sparkling and new.
Moisture on the bottom heating plate may leave a stain after heating. To avoid staining, please thoroughly dry the exterior surface of the inner pot before each and every use as well as wiping off any liquid from the lid and rim before removing the inner pot.
Either fill the inner pot with warm water or heat up enough water to cover the food residue. Then let it sit briefly, followed by a scrubbing with a sponge or steel wool. We suggest cleaning the pot with Buffalo Stainless Steel Cleaner while the pot is still warm to keep it shiny as new.
Because the Buffalo IH Smart Cooker’s inner pot distributes heat evenly and quickly, we have designed an excellent complementary outer pot for maximum performance. We advise against mixing and matching with an outer pot from another brand, as doing so may damage your cooker.
Buffalo Classic Rice Cooker : Allow your cooked rice to cool down in the cooker for 10 minutes before stirring. If you attempt to remove it sooner, you may encounter some sticking.

Buffalo IH Smart Cooker : There is no need to wait for the rice to cool. The cooker has been programmed so that you can enjoy your rice immediately, without any sticking.
With normal and proper use, the Buffalo IH Smart Cooker does not emit liquid or require attention while cooking soup or congee. Please make sure to inspect the water level against the indicator line on the inner pot and also select the correct cooking function. If squirting still occurs despite the appropriate water level and cooking function selection, please contact our customer service team immediately.
Yes, the Buffalo IH Smart Cooker can be used to cook beans. It is recommended that you use the soup function for legumes, because the cooking will be performed at a constant temperature, and there will be no blistering or overflowing. The recommended ratio is 1 cup of beans to 5 cups of water.
Buffalo IH Smart Cooker : The outer pot comes with an 18-month warranty while the inner pot carries a limited lifetime warranty.

Buffalo Classic Rice Cooker : The outer pot comes with 12-month warranty while the inner pot carries a three-year limited warranty.