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Rice Cooker

My friends don’t have a problem with rice sticking to their Buffalo Smart Cookers, why do I?

Our Buffalo Smart Cooker has a physical non-stick surface, without harmful chemical coatings, to ensure safe cooking. Due to even heat distribution, Buffalo Smart Cooker cooks healthy and delicious rice without sticking.  Just allow cooked rice to cool down in the cooker for 10 minutes before enjoying delicious and non-sticking rice.

Why does it squirt liquid when cooking soup or congee?

The Buffalo Smart Cooker in normal use does not squirt liquid or require constant attention cooking soup or congee.  Please inspect the water level against the indicator line on the inner pot and select the correct cooking function.  Please contact us immediately if squirting still occurs with proper operation.

Why are there rainbow-like discoloration and white residue on the inside of the pot which won’t come off?

Buffalo Smart Cooker’s inner pot is rust proof, corrosion-resistant and nonporous, thus do not absorb tiny mineral and starch particles during cooking and cleaning, unlike conventional cookware that eventually corrodes and affects your health.  Although appearing rainbow in color, particles built up on the surface do not interfere with cooking or harm your health.  You may also use Buffalo cleaning powder to keep the pot shiny as new.

Why does the bottom of my outer pot appear dirty?

Moisture on the bottom heating plate tends to leave a stain after heating. To avoid staining, please thoroughly dry the exterior surface of the inner pot before each and every use as well as wiping off any liquid from the lid and rim before removing the inner pot.

How to remove burned-on food from the cooker?

Either fill the inner pot with warm water or heat up enough water to cover the mess letting it sit briefly, followed by scrubbing with sponge or steel wool.  We suggest cleaning with Buffalo cleaning powder while the pot is still warm to keep it shiny as new.

How to change the battery in the outer pot?

The battery in the outer pot lasts 2-3 years under normal usage.  Please contact us when your cooker runs out of battery.

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